Other Gold Items

We buy scrap gold, dental gold, gold nuggets, alluvial gold, yellow, white and rose gold.

From 8ct - 24ct.

We can also provide flexible loan options for your gold items and fine jewellery.

Scrap Gold

We buy • Broken and damaged pieces • Chain and ring pieces, Melted bars and off cuts • Gold ring shanks • Broken, dented or damaged bracelets and bangles.

We buy 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22 and 24ct gold pieces that you’ve accumulated. Gather up your scrap gold, drop by and we’ll test the pieces assessing the different carats. Once completed you are made an offer in line with the current gold price; if you accept, we pay cash-on-the-spot.

We trade Wednesday to Sunday 11.00am to 3.00pm on walk-in basis; no appointment is needed.

Dental Gold

We are cash buyers of • Dental gold with or without teeth • Bridges • Dental crowns • Fillings • Gold dental plates • Gold screws • Gold alloys • Any form of dental gold • Dental gold from 9ct to 24ct • Degulor, Stabilor, Medior and Engelhard alloys. (Destruction of organic material may be necessary to ascertain if we can purchase).

You can exchange your dental gold for cash Wednesday to Sunday, 11.00am to 3.00pm at our Marrickville office.

Gold nuggets / Alluvial gold

We buy all earth-retrieved gold nuggets and alluvial gold. We can assess the purity and provide a cash quote on the spot. Alluvial gold (depending on region) can vary from 87.5% purity (21kt) to 965+ purity (23kt). Pieces can be assessed raw or acid cleaned.

You can redeem your gold nuggets for cash at our Marrickville office Wednesday to Sunday, 11.00am to 3.00pm.

Yellow, White and Rose Gold

We buy gold from 8 to 24ct alloyed with copper, nickel, silver, palladium or platinum.

9ct gold (Hallmarked 375) = 37.5% gold purity. This gold is occasionally called rose gold due to the copper alloy, which provides a rouge hue. If you have a 9ct chain weighing 60 grams it will contain 22.5 grams of nett fine gold. The balance will generally contain an alloy of copper, nickel or silver.

14ct gold (Hallmarked 585) = 58.5% gold purity. Your 14ct gold chain weighing 50 grams will contain 29.25 grams of nett fine gold. The balance (22.83g) will contain an alloy of either copper, nickel or silver.

18kt gold (Hallmarked 750) = 75% gold purity. Your 18ct gold bracelet weighing 80 grams will contain 60 grams of nett fine gold. The balance will contain an alloy of silver, nickel or copper.

22kt gold (Hallmarked 916) = 91.6% gold purity. Your 22kt gold bangle weighing 30 grams will contain 27.48 grams of nett fine gold. The balance will be an alloy of copper/silver.

White gold jewellery made in the last 20 years is generally alloyed with nickel/silver to create the 'white' component, (although it's more silver than white). Older white gold jewellery (pre 1970) may contain platinum or palladium as alloys. We can test for these noble metals and pay you accordingly.

Please come by Wednesday to Sunday 11.00am to 3.00pm. We operate on a walk-in basis, no appointment is needed.

We look forward to assisting with the sale of your dental gold, scrap gold, gold nuggets or rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold jewellery.

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