Sell Dental Gold

We are specialist buyers of dental gold including:

• Teeth • Caps • Crowns • Bridges • Fillings • Implants • Posts • Discs, and • Accumulations of organic dental material.

We purchase any precious metal alloys associated with dental and orthodontic work.

We also purchase pre-made dental alloys:

  • Degulor B
  • Stabilor G
  • Medior 3
  • Engelhard C5
  • Engelhard Chicago 4.

Have another brand of alloy to sell? - we are buyers. We purchase these discs/tabs in their original packets or without.

We have been purchasing leftover precious metal dental scrap and associated precious materials from the dental trade since 1968.

We’re happy to consider items containing excess attached organic and non-precious material. (Please note destruction is occasionally required to achieve a result.)

If your items contain other retrievable precious metals (PD,PT, AG) we can assess and payout accordingly.

Dental material can be posted in the plastic tubs or the tins they have sat in for years, or transfer them into plastic bags, we accept either.

We have no minimum quantity so we would be happy to assist with any amount you wish to sell.

We can offer a safe and convenient sell-via-post option, or if you’d prefer to visit us in person please drop by our Marrickville office 11.00pm to 3.00 pm Wednesday to Sunday. We operate on a walk-in basis, no appointment is needed.

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