Gold Jewellery

We buy gold jewellery in any quantity and in any condition

We can also provide flexible loan options for your gold items and fine jewellery.

Gold Rings

We purchase all out-dated and out-of-style gold rings, including • ex lovers rings • ex husbands rings • ex-wives rings • friendship rings and engagement rings.

Examples include • stoneless gold rings • broken gold rings • damaged gold rings • oversized gold rings • gold rings that are heavily tarnished • gold rings with missing pieces • gold rings that don’t fit anymore • 9kt gold rings • 10kt gold rings • 14kt gold rings • 18kt gold rings • 20kt gold rings • 22kt gold rings and 24kt gold rings.

If your gold rings are sitting around unused and unloved in your jewellery box you can exchange them for cash Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 3pm, at our Marrickville office.

Gold Bangles and Bracelets

We are open 7 days and pay cash for unwanted and unloved • curb link bracelets • flat chain link bangles • tubular bangles • gold bangles that have broken clasps and broken and damaged hinges.

We buy the broken bangles and bracelets that too expensive to repair, the gold bangles that you were given as a child but have no further use for - and even your kids don't want!

We buy the gold bangles and bracelets that sit unused in your jewellery box and drawers gathering dust. We buy sets of dented bangles in soft 18kt and 22kt gold that are often misshapen and unwearable.

Have you been given bracelets years ago as presents that you've never worn? We're happy to purchase these. Remember those heavy identity bracelets from the 1980's with curb links? We buy these as well.

You can exchange your unwanted gold bangles and bracelets for cash Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 3pm, at our Marrickville office.

NSW law states that you must produce a current photo-ID when selling to Sydney Gold Buyers.

Gold Pendants

We buy • pendants with - and without - inscriptions • pendants with glass stones • old charm bracelets • heart shaped pendants • pendants that open and close and religious pendants.

We buy all • white gold • yellow gold and rose gold charms and pendants. We buy all karats of gold on your charm bracelet.

If the karats vary we will test them individually and price them accordingly to purity which can be 9kt,14kt,18kt, 22kt or 24kt.

Exchange your unwanted gold pendants for cash Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 3pm.

A lot of money can be made from the gold items you have managed to accumulate over the years.

If you're not certain the items you have are gold, or you're unsure of the karat, bring the pieces in and we'll test them in front of you.

Sell with confidence. We are fourth generation gold buyers and precious metal specialists.

Gold Chains

We buy • curb link chains • Figaro link chains • belcher link chains • box chains • flat curb link chains • oval-shaped link chains • double linked chains • antique muff chains • antique watch fob chains • anchor chains • Cuban link chains • bead chains • basket weave chains • cable chains • Byzantine link chains • herringbone gold chains • omega link gold chains • panther link chains and foxtails link chains.

We buy damaged, unwanted and broken gold chains. Cash in your unwanted gold chains for cash at our Sydney office Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 3pm.

Your Gold Is Worth More At Sydney Gold Buyers

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